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Astrology of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

A week after abruptly scrapping his prized summit with Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump buoyantly announced on Friday the historic talks were back on for June 12 in Singapore. His reversal came after receiving a letter from Kim, hand delivered to the White House by the dictator's top envoy.

Cardinal Ingresses of the Sun are among the important mundane events which can be used to track world events. Quite often an event can be linked to two separate cardinal ingresses, with each illuminating a different aspect of the event. In this post we shall see one such example.
The summit in Singapore is taking place just as the Sun is about to enter the cardinal sign Cancer.

Shown here is the  Cancer ingress chart for Singapore. Notice the Grand Trine involving Neptune [16pi] – Jupiter [13sc] – Mercury [16cn] which is anchored to the meridian. The Grand Trine can be interpreted as below:

Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune: Enthusiasm and optimism (Jupiter)  for talks (Mercury)  appear to be unrealistic (Neptune).

Neptune is among the stars in the  flowing waters of Aquarius’ urn about which Diana Rosenberg writes:

This was the Moon and South Node  when an Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed in Washington, 1979; Jupiter at Belfast Irish Peace Accord of 1998 and the international appeal to “Pray for Peace” in 1986; the South Node when Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy first proposed the Peace Corps in 1960.

Next we look at the Annual Chart – a term often applied to the Capsolar or the precession corrected Capricorn Ingress chart. At Singapore, a Sun-Pluto conjunction on the MC squares Uranus on the Ascendant.  Sun and Pluto conjoin stars of Aquila – the Eagle which is a bird of prey. Aquila has therefore been linked to the warlike nature of conquerors, tyrants and empire builders.  On the other hand, Uranus is placed amid stars of Pisces about which Nick Fiorenza writes:

Pisces is the constellation of the two fishes. One fish swims westward, horizontally along the ecliptic plane. The westward swimming fish articulates our primordial autonomic (sleeping) nature, and our unconsciously reactive participation in the cycle of mortal life (in other words going along with mass consensus). It is of our inherited genealogies that we are born into and the behavioral patterns they express. The eastern fish leaps upward, vertically from the ecliptic plane, seeking a greater freedom at the shores of sidereal Aries. The eastern fish articulates our desire and capacity to ascend from our inherited past and its ideologies, and our effort to awaken from submersion in the tumultuous psychic emotional human world articulated by southern Cetus.

For the stars here, Diana Rosenberg writes. “There are questions of courage vs cowardice, acceptance of new ideas vs rigid adherence to tradition and a challenge to overcome ancient hatreds and prejudices”.

If we recall that Uranus-Pluto, in the words of Ebertin, is associated with the collapse of an old order and combine that with the insight provided by the stars conjunct Uranus and Pluto, we begin to see that the Capricorn Ingress chart is underlining the need to overcome ancient hatreds and prejudices that have so far led to aggression and war.

But how can we be certain that on June 12, the Capsolar is activated? Well all we need to do is progress this chart to that date. And sure enough on that day the Sun-Pluto-Uranus square once again is on the progressed angles and thereby triggered.


The Sabian symbol for Jupiter is:
13-14 deg Scorpio:  Telephone Lineman At Work Installling New Connections

In his book Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar explains that this symbol emphasizes the need for communication even if the circumstances are difficult.


  1. Oh boy Javed!
    Plus on the 12th mars conjuncts the South Node (as on 9/11).
    Add to that the 2 red stars all month (Anteres and Aldibaren).

    Blessings :)

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