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Is Merkel’s reign nearing a frustrated end?

For nearly 14 years as Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel has defined and personified Europe’s middle ground: pragmatic, consensual, mercantilist, petit-bourgeois, above all stable. It is little wonder the leader of Mitteleuropa’s major economic power has dominated the political centre for so long. But what if Merkel falls? Can the centre hold? These are increasingly urgent questions as the once unassailable “Mutti” struggles to hold together a fractious coalition. The immediate issue, which is likely to come to a head on Monday, is a furious row over EU immigration policy. But other problems are piling up, with unpredictable consequences for Europe’s future cohesion. Merkel’s political obituary has been written many times, but now the final draft is nearing completion.

Shown here is Angela Merkel’s chart as provided by Astro-Databank [1].  Our attention is immediately drawn to the upcoming solar eclipse of July 13 that falls on Merkel’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in the 8th house which forms the apex of a T-square with Neptune-Admetus on the meridian.

Let us recall some basics of astrology. The 7th house is where we find partners, sign a contract, “get married” etc. In the 8th our individualities should “die” so that we can function as a unit. If this does not happen, the 8th rules “divorce”. With the eclipse falling in Merkel’s 8th house, this is exactly what is happening. Her coalition partners want to throw her out because she has not been listening to their requirements.

Now let us go one step further and plot the chart for the eclipse at Berlin. Wow! What do we have. The eclipse is placed very prominently on the Ascendant conjunct TNPs Hades Kronos and opposite Pluto. The interpretation is fairly simple:

Hades-Kronos-Pluto: the decline of a leader following a power struggle.

Finally, let us recall that the eclipse is conjunct the star Castor of the Twins. The two brothers, Castor and Pollux (representing the coalition partners here) are often at loggerheads so that too fits in neatly.


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