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Is there a method to Trump’s madness?

Orion and the Bull

It would be an understatement to suggest that Trump's decision to slap higher tariffs on practically everybody - has outraged almost everyone: most of the business community, foreign governments, media and experts from all fields.  President Donald Trump, it is said, is unleashing a global trade war, which is already beginning with promised retaliatory measures from our closest trading partners. Trump justified his action by claiming that steel and aluminum are strategic materials essential for national defense. In all likelihood national defense had little to do with his action. Rather, it is a ploy to put a "national security" halo around a measure being taken for economic reasons.

That doesn't mean it's the wrong move, however. It's important to put these measures into the context of long-term US trade policy. US trade policy since World War II could almost have been designed to undermine the economic interests of American workers and American producers. Starting with Germany and Japan, our defeated enemies, we offered them the proverbial deal they can't refuse: they get virtually tariff-free, nonreciprocal access to our huge domestic market to assist with their economies' recovery from wartime destruction; in return, we would take their sovereignty: control of their foreign and security policies, as well as their military and intelligence establishments, plus permanent bases on their territory.

To understand the rationale behind Trump’s actions, let us examine the synastry between the US Sibly and Trump’s chart (Bi-wheel above). Trump’s Sun [22ge55] – Moon [21sa12] aligns with the US Sibly  T-square of Mars [21ge22] – Neptune [22vi25] - Gal. Center [23 sa 44].

The Sibly Neptune [22vi25]  is conjunct the stars Cor Caroli [21vi26] and  Alkaid [23vi46] but also influenced by Denebola [18vi30] and other stars in the tail of the Lion. About this area, Nick Fiorenza writes:

This area of the zodiac is about our motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. Denebola is among  a triangle of stars that form the hind of the Lion. Denbola is the tail. This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle (The US Deep State!?).  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda.  

And as Philip Sedwick explains below, the Galactic Center forces a complete removal of a past consciousness that one may have been a slave to:

This Infrared energy from the Galactic Center pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. One must identify obsolete, wrong or undesired segments of information and knowledge. These need to be deleted. Deleted means wiped from the consciousness with no trace.

So essentially the US national consciousness defined by false flag or deceptive (Neptune) wars (Mars) is being destroyed by the recent Saturn  transit in 2017 over the GC triggering the entire T-square. Since the same Saturn transit was also triggering Trump’s Sun-Moon axis, he has been chosen for this difficult task.  As a confirmation given below is a table of Trump’s minor Sun  progression (2.5 degrees/year) as it interacts with the Sibly Mars-Neptune square.

Selection: Solar Arc  2.5 degrees/yr.

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL      Type             Date                    Pos1          Pos2             Ch1         Ch2              

Sun (1)        Opp               Mar (7)        (X)       Ua-Na           30 Oct 2017   21°Sg22' D    21°Ge22' D   Donald Trump      Sibly
Sun (1)        Sqr                 Nep (9)       (X)        Ua-Na           31 Mar 2018  22°Sg25' D   22°Vi25' D    Donald Trump      Sibly

*** END REPORT ***

Trump’s radix Sun is conjunct stars of Orion and those in the horns of the Bull.

Orions are known for going off on their own crusades, doing their own thing without consideration of Divine Directive--hence the name "impious wanderer," and they will often battle to the death for their diversionary causes. Nick Fiorenza