Sunday, 3 June 2018

The secrets of a diary written on castle floorboards

A hidden diary written by a carpenter on the floorboards of a French Alpine chateau provides a rare insight into the private lives of villagers in the late 19th Century, writes Hugh Schofield. When the new owners of the chateau of Picomtal decided to renovate the parquet in some of their upstairs rooms, they made a remarkable discovery. On the underside of the floorboards - invisible until the boards were taken up to be replaced - were long messages written out in pencil. The messages were dated over several months between 1880 and 1881, and they were signed by a certain Joachim Martin. June 3

In the heart of the Alps, next to town of Embrun, overlooking Lake Serre-Ponçon, is the medieval castle mentioned in the news. In this post we shall see another example of  how the power of a solar cardinal ingress chart can flesh out the details of a news item. 

Let us begin with the precession corrected Aries Ingress chart drawn for Embrun. Notice the Cupido-Saturn-Mercury-Moon-Kronos-Hades  T-square straddling the horizon implying that it would be significant in events at that place. Given below is a table of keywords for planets, asteroids and TNPs that align with the T-square.

House, Residence
Old, historical; hidden
Upmarket, classy, aristocratic
Service personnel e.g. Carpenter
Love affairs
Secrets; confidential information
Speaking up; courage of conviction
Fears; social rules; tradition
Infidelity; love triangles

From the keywords for the planets, asteroids and TNPs listed in the table above, the entire news can be reconstructed. (Just let me add here that Hidalgo-Saturn can be "fear of speaking up...which is what made the carpenter hide his thoughts under the floorboards!)

Finally, I draw the readers attention to the star mu (μ) Gemini, Tejat Posterior [5cn33] which conjoins the TNP Hades [5cn58]. Nick Fiorenza provides the following delineation for this star. Notice how appropriate it is in the current context.

Tejat, the foot of Castor, is composed of Eta Gemini, IC 444, a bright refection nebula, and Dirah (Tejat Posterior) Mu Gemini. Tejat & IC 444 portend eminence and renown, and will make that which they align with stand out in a unique fashion. Tejat will bring out to be seen that which has been suppressed, oppressed, hidden, in the closet, but destined to be.
Alignments with the foot of Castor can indicate that it is time to come out of hiding, to become visible, to stand forth in the limelight to be seen.

As always, the best way to test an ingress chart is by progressing it  to the date of the news. When we do that we find that the progressed angles once again trigger the T-square on June 3 giving rise to an event where the interaction of the various elements comprising the T can be seen clearly!                                

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