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Massive Cairo Fuel Tank Explosion at Solar Eclipse

A large explosion ripped through two storage area containing fuel in the vicinity of the international airport in Cairo, Egypt, according to the country's civil aviation minister. The blaze raged for about 45 minutes. An Egyptian Army spokesman, however, shortly after said that the explosion occurred at a chemical factory near the airport, and was the result of high temperatures. The chemical factory explanation and the fuel tankers reports were both widely circulated on social media after the explosion — it remains unclear whether the two are connected.

It cannot be a coincidence that a powerful explosion has occurred exactly on the day of the solar eclipse which aligns very significantly with the horizon axis in Cairo. The eclipse forms a T-square with Pluto and the TNP Zeus. Pluto-Zeus is a combination linked to radical events (Pluto) involving fires and explosions (Zeus) . Among other things TNP Zeus [1] also rules “fuels” so that an explosion involving a fuel tanker is understandable.

ZEUS: Restrained or creative fire/energy; enthusiasm; controlled & directed forces (thus both planning and controlling strong emotions;) guns, power tools, machines, motors, fireplaces, fuels; excitement; to incite; military; blood pressure; inflammation; ability to harness energies for accomplishment.

PS: I invite readers to think of  this incident in Cairo as a metaphor. Pluto  in Capricorn is about the destruction of institutions that have become self-serving  and no longer serve public good. TNP Zeus is about the useof  anger or creative fire that can be controlled and directed to accomplish the destruction of these institutions. In the last few days we are witnessing Trump do just this at the NATO meeting and now in London pushing Theresa May for a hard Brexit.