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Fuel Protests in Paris

French police used tear gas and a water cannon against protesters in the Champs Elysées, in the center of Paris, as "yellow vest" activists flooded the streets. Originally formed to protest rising fuel prices, the "yellow vest" protesters have evolved into a wider demonstration against President Emmanuel Macron's government in recent weeks. Nov.24

A New Moon is an  event  that affects the entire globe. However, its specific message for a place is determined by the planets or planetary configurations that aspect the angles.

For Paris the charts of the current New Moon of Nov.6 and the Disseminating Moon  phase of Nov. 26 bring the Pluto-Zeus square to the meridian. For Pluto , Jessica Davidson provides the keywords “violent” and “rage” [1] . Martha Wescott links the TNP Zeus to “fuels” [2] so that we have the following delineation :

Pluto-Zeus: Violent rage (Pluto)  over issues connected with fuel (Zeus).

If we now add the mundane house placements, the picture becomes clearer. The houses involved are Zeus in the 6th (working class) [3] square Pluto in the 10th (government or rulers) [4].