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London attack and the New Moon

A stabbing attack on London Bridge is being treated by police as "terror-related", the Met has said. The police said they were called to a stabbing just before 14:00. A number of people were stabbed and one man has been shot by police, the force said. Nov.29

Charts for the phases of the Moon are among the most reliable indicators of events on earth. This is especially so at places where they make hard aspects to the horizon or meridian. Moon phases act as  local “step down transformers” for powerful energies generated by far away stars and planets that they aspect.

The incident on London Bridge has taken place just three days after the New Moon of Nov.26. A chart for the New Moon at London is shown here. Notice the New Moon makes hard aspects to the Pluto-Saturn-Zeus square straddling the meridian. This is a combination linked to fires and explosions [1] as well as incidents involving guns and general tension.

To confirm that the Pluto-Saturn-Zeus square is indeed responsible for the event, let us draw the chart for the reported time of the attack (14:00 hrs). Notice that the square straddles the horizon. Recall the horizon and meridian axes are the ones where all the action takes place.

[1] Explosion in Texas plant at New Moon