Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ohio postpones executions amid row

Ohio Governor John Kasich has delayed eight upcoming executions amid a row over the legality of the state's execution process. Earlier this year a magistrate judge declared a three-drug process the state had proposed to be unconstitutional, but Ohio is appealing against the ruling. The judge banned the use of drugs that paralyse inmates and stop their hearts, but lawyers for the state said they were unable to find a willing supplier. One prisoner was set to die next week. Feb.11

This news is another example of how the effect of an eclipse can be felt long after it has gone. Shown here is the chart for the Total Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016  drawn for Columbus, Ohio. The eclipse is opposite Jupiter which is placed in the 12th house associated with prisons and prisoners.

Progressing the eclipse chart to Feb. 11, the date of the news brings Jupiter to MC triggering the eclipse configuration. Also the progressed Ascendant[2sa] reaches a conjunction to Mars[1sa] which makes makes a hard aspect to Uranus [18ar]. 

The Ascendant is conjunct the star Yed Prior, delta Ophiuchi offered referred to as “Man of Death” (or a Man chosen to die) while Uranus is conjunct lambda Andromedae, in the Chained Right Hand of Andromeda. The two together here refer to the prisoner(s) chosen to die.

The Solar Eclipse occured amongst the flowing waters dispensed from the Urn of Aquarius. The constellation Aquarius is linked with humane ideals. Here that translates as not permitting the use of banned drugs for execution of the prisoners. 

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