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Eclipse may cause collapse of UK government

The UK government crisis that was unleashed on PM Theresa May's cabinet last night when Brexit minister David Davis resigned, has just escalated following the resignation of foreign minister Boris Johnson. While BoJo was speculated to be unhappy with May's deal, many suggested that he was willing to fall in line; however events over the past 24 hours changed his mind.  July 9

The UK chart says it all. Notice that Pluto has been transiting opposite the Moon in the 10th.  Pluto transit always threaten the very existence of an individual or an entity. It demands a death or renewal. The 10th house stands for the PM and the Moon here can refer to a female PM. The Pluto transit in the 4th can indicate a power struggle with those who are opposed to Theresa May. The upcoming solar eclipse of July 13 right on top of the radix Moon  increases the chances of the government falling.