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Stowaway takes his chances at Pluto Full Moon

The Icarus Paradox Dutch police say they have found a stowaway alive in the wheel section of a plane that landed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport from South Africa.  Flights from Johannesburg to Amsterdam take about 11 hours, with the cargo plane believed to have made one stop, in Nairobi, Kenya.   The Full Moon of January 18, 2022 which aligned with the meridian at Amsterdam was conjunct the TNP Vulcanus and in opposition to a Sun-Pluto conjunction. Pluto transits often take us through experiences of darkness, despair and powerlessness. When Pluto combines with Vulcanus one is willing to do whatever it takes to escape radical circumstances. In such situations one can see the incredible power of internal psychological pressures.The Full Moon can activate inner, subterranean realms of deep soul patterns circulating within our unconscious which drive compulsive reactions. The Full Moon is amid stars of the Twins who were intrepid trave
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German Navy Chief Resigns At Pluto Full Moon

    Just as the covid narrative is slowly disintegrating even as its MSM propaganda powers "cancel" anyone who dares to speak out against the lies - so the "Russia is about to invade Ukraine" plotline just suffered a major blow after the chief of Germany's navy, vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach , said on Friday that Crimea “will never come back”, and that what Putin “really wants is respect...and it is easy to give him the respect he really demands - and probably deserves." And sure enough, just one day later, on Saturday evening, he resigned from his post for having the temerity to speak out against conventional wisdom.       Vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach (b.9 July 1965) [1] currently has his progressed Sun conjunct radix Uranus (natally opposite Saturn) - a combination that often makes people take an anti establishment stand. So essentially he is to be commended for his integrity.  Recall that the Full Moon of Jan. 18 was

Blinken Delays US Response to Russia

  According to Washington Post,   “It is unclear if the United States will provide a written response to Russia on its key demands from last week, something Moscow continues to insist on to resolve the standoff… The State Department official dodged a question on whether Washington will provide a written response, saying only that the United States remains prepared to engage Russia on “security issues.” Lavrov and Ryabkov probably smell a rat over Blinken’s whirlwind European tour at this juncture. The heart of the matter is that the European allies have pledged to take tough measures against Russia if it rolls troops into Ukraine, but when it comes to specifics, it is far from clear what they are willing to do. The allies don’t look ringingly united.   Synastry is the art of relationship Astrology. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals or groups interact with one another. No matter how

Horoscope of Jordan Peterson

  People on stairs graduated upwards   I recently resigned from my position as full tenured professor at the University of Toronto. I am now professor emeritus, and before I turned sixty. Emeritus is generally a designation reserved for superannuated faculty, albeit those who had served their term with some distinction....There were many reasons, (for resignation) including the fact that I can now teach many more people and with less interference online. But here's a few more:  First, my qualified and supremely trained heterosexual white male graduate students (and I've had many others, by the way) face a negligible chance of being offered university research positions, despite stellar scientific dossiers.  This is partly because of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity mandates (my preferred acronym: DIE). These have been imposed universally in academia, despite the fact that university hiring committees had already done everything reasonable for all the years of my career, and t

Pluto Full Moon: UK to remove all COVID restrictions

  Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday. Johnson also suggested that self-isolation rules may also be thrown out at the end of March as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic becomes endemic. Effective immediately, the UK government is no longer asking people to work from home.     In the last few posts, I have given examples of how the Pluto Full Moon is manifesting in world events. This news is one more example. The chart for the Full Moon at London has it aligned with the meridian and has therefore a significant influence.   The UK national chart [Jan.1, 1801; 0:00 LMTLondon] has the TNP Poseidon [27cn46] in the 10 th house (government) opposite TNP Admetus [23cp21] in the 4 th house (opposition). The Jan.18 Full Moon has fallen on this radix combination. Martha Wescott provides the following interpretations:   Adme

French actor Gaspard Ulliel dies in ski accident

  The 37-year-old French actor Gaspard Ulliel has passed away following a “serious skiing accident” in the Alps on Tuesday, according to his family and local agent, as reported by AFP. The actor reportedly collided with another skier and lost consciousness, after which he was transported by helicopter to the Grenoble University Hospital in “serious condition with a skull injury.” He was pronounced dead after surgery.     Charts for the phases of the Moon are among the most reliable indicators of events on earth. This is especially so at places where they align with or bring significant planetary aspects to the horizon or meridian. A New Moon or Full Moon can act as a local “step down transformer” for powerful energies generated by far away stars and planets that it aspects.  The chart for the Full Moon of Jan.18 drawn for the Savoie region of France where the accident took place has the powerful Pluto Full Moon aligned

Collarwali: Remembering India’s ‘super mum’ tigress

  Ebb and Flow on the River One of the most famous tigers in the country, Collarwali died over the weekend aged 16. She played a big role in changing the fortunes of the sanctuary where she lived - Pench Tiger Reserve in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. So named because of the radio collar she wore, she gave birth to 29 cubs in eight litters over her lifetime - a "prolific" legacy, according to one expert. She became one of India's best-known tigers after starring in the BBC Wildlife documentary, Spy in the Jungle, which tracked the lives of four tiger cubs over two years. Collarwali died on Saturday evening (Jan.15) due to complications caused by old age.     Ancient wisdom teachings tells us that, fundamentally, everything is energy in motion, and that everything is part of a larger process or flow. Things are either growing and expanding or contracting and fading away. Nothing is absolutely still. One astrologic